Visualization and Analysis of Customer Provided Forecasts

Publikation, 2019


J. Nurgazina, T. Felberbauer, K. Altendorfer, S. Zeiml - Visualization and Analysis of Customer Provided Forecasts - 18. ASIM Fachtagung, Chemnitz, Deutschland, 2019, pp. 445-454


Demand forecasts can either be provided by customers or manufacturing companies use own common prediction models to estimate the customer demand. This paper provides the first results of a research project with a focus on visualization of forecast uncertainty for customer provided forecasts. The visualization concept described in this paper is developed to analyse systematic and unsystematic forecasting behaviours with respect to periods before delivery. The aim of the developed visualization concept is to provide support for practitioners in the area of production planning with a special attention on forecast uncertainty in the supply chain. Compared to a classical order analysis the paper shows the advantage of chronological forecast quality monitoring. In future research the visualisation concept should be extended to an improved decision support tool in production and supply chain planning.