Assessing Managers' Learning Process of Intercultural Competences

Publikation, 2019


M. Überwimmer, D. Strohmeier, P. Wagner - Assessing Managers' Learning Process of Intercultural Competences - Proceedings Cross-Cultural Business Conference 2019, Steyr, Österreich, 2019, pp. 15-24


In times of globalization and digitalization, intercultural competences are key for successful business and management. Companies are increasingly faced with the demand to prepare their managers for successful intercultural exchange. There is a need for an assessment tool that is theoretically sound and can be applied easily. The authors have already developed the PICO model (process model of intercultural competencies) and developed a rather long questionnaire to be applied in educational settings. However, a shorter assessment tool is needed for practical settings. Based on the newly developed MPICO model (managers’ process of intercultural competence learning), a short ques-tionnaire comprising 40 items was developed and tested with 220 (54% women) business and man-agement students enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Steyr. The authors introduce the main ideas of the MPICO model, test the reliability of the newly developed questionnaire, and explain the interpretation of competence profiles for future applications to man-agers.