HeuristicLab: A Generic and Extensible Optimization Environment

Publikation, 2005


S. Wagner, M. Affenzeller - HeuristicLab: A Generic and Extensible Optimization Environment - Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms, Coimbra, Portugal, 2005, pp. 538-541


Today numerous variants of heuristic optimization algorithms are used to solve different kinds of optimization problems. This huge variety makes it very difficult to reuse already implemented algorithms or problems. In this paper the authors describe a generic, extensible, and paradigm-independent optimization environment that strongly abstracts the process of heuristic optimization. By providing a well organized and strictly separated class structure and by introducing a generic operator concept for the interaction between algorithms and problems, HeuristicLab makes it possible to reuse an algorithm implementation for the attacking of lots of different kinds of problems and vice versa. Consequently HeuristicLab is very well suited for rapid prototyping of new algorithms and is also useful for educational support due to its state-of-the-art user interface, its self-explanatory API and the use of modern programming concepts.