The Emerging Role of Coopetition within Inter-firm Relationships

Publikation, 2019


Z. Zacharia, M. Plasch, U. Mohan, M. Gerschberger - The Emerging Role of Coopetition within Inter-firm Relationships - The International Journal of Logistics Management, Vol. 30, No. 2, 2019, pp. 414-437


Firms are increasingly dependent on the knowledge and expertise in external organizations to innovate, problem-solve, and improve supply chain performance. Increasing environmental uncertainty, more demanding customers, rapid technological growth, rising capital costs have all forced firms to evolve from collaborating with buyers and suppliers to collaborating with their competitors. This new form of collaboration where firms compete in one market and simultaneously cooperate in another is called coopetition. Building from existing literature and three theoretical foundations, resource based theory, resource dependence theory and game theory we develop a model showing the antecedents and outcomes of coopetition and associated propositions of coopetition. Using a structured interview process with 21 industry executives from widely different industries we offer empirical support for the model and propositions that can be used to better understand the antecedents and outcomes of coopetition. Our research shows that there are benefits for firms to consider coopetition as part of their inter-firm strategies. We conclude by discussing future research opportunities for academics and offer suggestions for managers to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their coopetition projects.