Towards a Guidance Model for Business Integration Solutions

Publikation, 2008


A. Auinger, D. Nedbal - Towards a Guidance Model for Business Integration Solutions - Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society and e-Education, Bangkok, Thailand, 2008, pp. 15


The project GuideBIS focuses on the development of efficient, cost- and time-reductive business integration solutions especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which increasingly are forced to implement more effective and efficient exchange of information and goods in value networks due to current business needs. In this project a guidance model containing business integration concepts, approved integration tools in a toolbox, a profound process model for integration implementations, and best practice examples containing successful business integration solutions, is developed. A sound project methodology, which integrates technical analysis, empirical studies, conceptual developments and a pilot phase, guarantees the realization of the project objectives. This paper shows the innovative project methodology and demonstrates the objectives, the different levels and concepts of integration, the process model and the toolbox to be provided for successful business integration solutions. Furthermore, empirical data concerning the need and readiness of SMEs for business integration is discussed.