Towards An Innovative Spectral-Splitting Hybrid PV-T Micro-Concentrator

Publikation, 2012


V. Everett, Y. Wu, A. Resch, M. Ebert, M. Vivar, E. Thomson, J. Harvey, P. Scott, M. Greaves, A. Tanner, A. Blakers - Towards An Innovative Spectral-Splitting Hybrid PV-T Micro-Concentrator - American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings Vol. 1511, Denver / Colorado, Österreich, 2012, pp. 230-234


A hybrid concentrator PV-Thermal (CPV-T) system for delivery of electricity and l50°C hot fluid in a structure suitable for roof-top installation on domestic, commercial, and industrial buildings is being developed by ANU in collaboration with the University of New South Wales, CSIRO, and industry partners. A first design based on beam-splitting utilising liquid-absorption filters is being analysed, with a study of the most suitable candidate fluids. An initial selection of four liquids was conducted; with the liquids subjected to accelerated tests to analyse their long-term performance and possible optical and chemical degradation. Some of the fluids showed optical changes after high temperature test and UV exposure, leading to slight yellowing.