Introduction to Synchromodal Networks in Austria

Publikation, 2016


M. Prandtstetter, L. Putz, S. Pfoser, A. Haller, G. Lenz, W. Ponweiser - Introduction to Synchromodal Networks in Austria - Tagungsband FFH 2016, Wien, Österreich, 2016, pp. 6


Within this work, we present a novel transportation concept called synchromodality. The underlying key element of synchromodal networks is, among the fact that multiple modes of transport are available, that at any time and at any point in the transportation process pre-made decisions can be refused and changed based on real-time traffic information. After a short definition focus is laid on the suggested Austrian approach towards synchromodality. Recommendations on how to introduce synchromodality (in Austria) are presented, which have been gathered during a study visit in the originating country of synchromodality, the Netherlands.