Optimizing Set-up Times using the HeuristicLab Optimization Environment

Publikation, 2015


J. Karder, A. Scheibenpflug, S. Wagner, M. Affenzeller - Optimizing Set-up Times using the HeuristicLab Optimization Environment - Lecture Notes in Computer Science LNCS 9520, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spanien, 2015, pp. 286-293


This publication shows the application of set-up time optimization to machinery that requires some components to be preloaded from a component storage to the work zone before jobs can be processed. Component loading and unloading, which is normally done by the machine operators, should be done automatically. The machine has access to a component storage consisting of multiple racks. Components can be moved by using different strategies. These strategies also affect the storage layout over time. Applying simulation-based optimization to the set-up process yields good machine configuration parameters (i.e. initial storage layout, sequence of jobs and used strategies) for a given job sequence. A simulator which models the machinery is used to evaluate different strategies and machine parameters. For all optimization aspects, HeuristicLab is used as the underlying software environment in combination with a new specific problem type that can be solved with evolutionary algorithms such as genetic algorithms or evolution strategies.