A model to determine complexity in supply networks

Publikation, 2012


M. Gerschberger, C. Engelhardt-Nowitzki, S. Kummer, F. Staberhofer - A model to determine complexity in supply networks - Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, Vol. 23, No. 8, 2012, pp. 1015-1037


Current business trends usually increase the complexity in supply networks. In practice, the question of how to determine and achieve an adequate supply network complexity remains unsolved. Though conceptual models have been proposed, operational instruments which facilitate a company to operate with an adequate degree of complexity are not yet available. In particular, a manager would require an assessment method to quickly identify those network elements which predominantly threaten or worsen a company’s performance due to an inadequate degree of complexity. Therefore the purpose of this paper is to further advance a supplier network model for the purpose of identifying these elements together with the operationalisation of a basic set of parameters to determine complexity. This allows for a better determination of critical locations within a supply network under certain business conditions.