Supply Chain Integration Improves Performance

Publikation, 2009


C. Söser, M. Gerschberger, C. Engelhardt-Nowitzki - Supply Chain Integration Improves Performance - Proceedings of the 14th Asia Pacific Management Conference, Surabaya, Indonesien, 2009, pp. 1-24


The purpose of this paper is to analyse former empirical studies which investigate the link between supply chain integration and performance and to discuss reported evidence on this fundamental question and its significance for logistics and supply chain management as well as for information systems management. Based on an extensive and systematic review of supply chain integration articles in important journals in logistics, supply chain management and information systems management, this paper presents and discusses the results of former empirical studies. The review and analysis questions the common assumptions in supply chain management and shows that supply chain integration does not always improve performance. Further findings within the paper are that the definitions and measures of supply chain integration and performance are defined and measured, in different and often limited ways. This paper is not only valuable for the theoretical input but is important also to practitioners dealing with supply chain integration in supply networks. The results show that a differentiated view of integration within supply chain management is needed and further research is suggested.