Flexible Production Simulation for Applied Sciences

Publikation, 2009


K. Altendorfer, J. Pilstl, A. Hübl, H. Jodlbauer - Flexible Production Simulation for Applied Sciences - Proceedings of the International Workshop on Modeling & Applied Simulation 2009, Teneriffa, Spanien, 2009, pp. 218-223


In this paper the structure of a flexible simulation model for production systems based on discrete event simulation is presented. The basic idea of this flexible simulation model is to generate the shop floor structure of the studied production system based on work schedules and on the bill of materials. The production machines are not connected directly but the material flow is routed according to the information in the work schedule and the bill of material. The model structure is based on different modules which use material flow entities and production order entities to communicate with each other and to simulate the production system. As a result, the created simulation structure leads to a flexible simulation model generation which maintains a low effort for generating simulation models concerning different production system structures.