Evolutionary Selection in Simulation-based Optimization

Publikation, 2009


A. Beham, M. Kofler, M. Affenzeller, S. Wagner - Evolutionary Selection in Simulation-based Optimization - LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, Vol. 5717, No. 5717, 2009, pp. 761-768


In this work we examine the effect of elitist and non-elitist selection on a supply chain problem. The problem is characterized by an output constraint which in turn separates the search space in a feasible and a non-feasible region. Additionally the simulation output is noisy due to a stochastic demand model. We will show analyze which strategy is able to perform a walk on the boundary between the feasible and infeasible space. Additionally a new selection scheme is introduced based on a statistical test to evaluate the difference between two solutions given a number of noisy quality values. This selection scheme is described and evaluated on the problem situation.