Dr. rer. nat. Alvaro Cristobal Sarramian MSc

former employee

Research interests

  • Molecular biology, Genetic engineering, Fermentation, Renewable Sources
D. Atzmüller, F. Hawe, D. Sulzenbacher, A. Cristobal Sarramian - Wheat straw and lipids: UV-mutagenized Yarrowia lipolytica for the conversion of wheat straw hydrolysate into lipids - Agronomy Research, 2019 more
A. Cristobal Sarramian, D. Atzmüller - Yeast as a production platform in biorefineries: conversion of agricultural residues into value-added products - Agronomy Research, 2018 more
D. Atzmüller, B. Jahn, F. Hawe, A. Cristobal Sarramian - From wheat straw to xylitol: Bioconversion by a genetically engineered Candida guilliermondii strain - Abstract Book Final ECB 2018, Genf, Switzerland, 2018 more