FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Renate Sabine Kränzl-Nagl

Empirical Social Research , childhood research , Family Research

Research interests

  • Empirical Social Research
  • childhood research
  • Family Research
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How does the care-giving staff in a home for the elderly experience caring for people with dementia? To answer this question, the State of Upper Austria has commissioned this project, which takes into… more
As part of the project “VR4Therapy” funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, the company Neutral, Inc. is developing innovative technologies which are used in virtual reality glasses… more
The survey is part of the project autoBAHN 2020 (Prof. Stadlmann, Wels Campus). It examines the necessary conditions for passengers in order to accept autonomously driven regional trains. It is based on… more
The project SEE_INNOVA aims at developing an innovative, multi-disciplinary governance approach at transnational level for the regional coordination of innovation driven key players in the field of independent… more
The Mnemosyne project is conceived to design an online-based platform for individuals with dementia syndrome, their relatives and carers. This platform will provide remote support, guidance services, informational… more