Mag. Dr. Marike Kellermayr-Scheucher

Efficient Consumer Response, outbound logistics


Johannes Kepler Universität, Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Dr.
Oct 2003 - Oct 2007
Johannes Kepler Universität, Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Mag.
Oct 1999 - Oct 2003
HBLA Rohrbach
Sep 1993 - Jul 1998

Professional career & activities

FH OÖ Forschungs- und Entwicklungs GmbH, Employee, Research Assistent
Dec 2007 - dato
Johannes Kepler Univeristät, Employee, Research Assistent
Nov 2003 - Nov 2007
Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Employee, Study assisten
Mar 2002 - Jun 2003
Johannes Kepler Universität, Employee, tutor
Mar 2001 - Jun 2001
Leitner + Leitner GmbH, Employee, Administrator
Nov 1998 - Mar 2001

Research interests

  • Efficient Consumer Response
  • outbound logistics
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Within the project, a collaborative operating model and organizational concept for the last mile logistics industry is being developed, with the aim to consolidate the flow of goods into or out of the… more