FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Thomas Prinz

socio-economic impact evaluatiion, controlling in non-profit organisation and social association, business planning, Social Return on Investment, behavioral controlling, risk management, financial controlling, Time Driven Activity Based Costing

Professional career & activities

Fachhochschule Oberösterreich, full time teacher, professorship controlling and finance
Sep 2007 - dato
Unternehmensberatung Dr. Prinz, owner and chief executive, management consultant controlling, internal audit, innovation
Apr 2001 - dato
Management Akademie Wien, Institut Internal Auditor Austria, lecturer, advanced training lecturer
Jan 1999 - dato
university of applied sciences upper austria, pedagogical coordinator social management
Sep 2017 - Sep 2027
Oberösterreichische Gebietskrankenkasse, assistant, controlling and internal auditing
Jan 2005 - Aug 2007
BBRZ Holding, staff position, strategic controlling and innovation management
Jan 2003 - Dec 2004
FAB, IBE, Arge Ost-West, Qualifizierungsverbund OÖ, chairman of board of control, chairman of board of control in friendly societies und research institut
Jan 1999 - Dec 2005
bfi.bbrz Gruppe, head of department, internal audit
Jan 1998 - Dec 2002

Research interests

  • behavioral controlling
  • risk management
  • business planning
  • financial controlling
  • Social Return on Investment
  • socio-economic impact evaluatiion
  • controlling in non-profit organisation and social association
  • Time Driven Activity Based Costing
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