Focal points

  • Applied Social Sciences and Non Profit Management

    Social and health services and other services under public responsibility are of direct relevance for the quality of life of the citizens. As a result of changing social conditions as well as economic and technological developments, a dynamic change is taking place in these fields. Innovations based on research & development make an important contribution to addressing these challenges.Social science… more

  • Medical Engineering

    The Department of Medical Engineering (Medical Engineering) is a national and international R & D partner for the development and manufacture of medical devices. We cooperate with manufacturers and suppliers. New technologies for medical applications are also being researched and evaluated for health care facilities. The work is carried out according to the European state of the art (harmonized… more

  • Quality of Life for the Elderly

    The aging of the european population represents a major social challenge. It is necessary to find innovative ways to guarantee elderly people a life in good quality, when they need suppport and care. Research in the field of Aging Issues aims at the developement of new concepts for healthcare and social care services for the elderly. It focusses on technical solutions in the field of assistant technologies… more

  • Information and Communication Systems

    Innovative information and communication systems for application in many different fields are researched and developed in Hagenberg. Smart environments and mobile enterprise systems integrate mobile communications, navigation, tracking and tracing and make it possible to develop applications for specific contexts. Embedded systems combine hardware and software to make state-of-the-art applications,… more

  • Media and Knowledge Technologies

    Our researchers in this field work intensively on the development of natural interactive environments for human beings and computers, communication and perception processes, augmented and mixed reality, visualization possibilities and the design of new media interfaces. Additionally, new learning and working environments as well as new didactic methods for tertiary education and organizational learning… more

  • Software Technology and Applications

    Our researchers develop specialized algorithms for the analysis of complex data from a variety of application fields in economics and science. Heuristic processes and evolutionary algorithms are used, for example, to solve optimization problems in areas such as production planning. In bioinformatics and medical informatics, intelligent software systems are developed for the analysis of molecular biological… more

  • Controlling, Rechnungswesen und Finanzmanagement (CRF)

    A forward-looking financial management is indispensable for sustainable economic success. Research in the field of controlling is concerned with the core themes of planning, reporting, cost management, investment assessment and value orientation. In accounting, the focus is on international accounting standards IFRS. Financial management introduces perspectives from sustainability and risk management… more

  • Digital Business

    Rapid developments in digital media have brought about changes in the economy and society. Research into these serves as an important basis for the development of sustainable, effective concepts and technologies. In addition to marketing in the digital world, the focus of this research is the Internet as a business as well as the information and decision-making behaviour in online environments. The… more

  • Further areas of competence (Steyr)

    Support for core clinical processes The aim is to provide comprehensive services that ensure a seamless patient care process. This includes, among other things, inpatient care and interfaces of the hospital for primary and specialist care and / or rehabilitation. The focus of research activities is the risk-adjusted comparison (benchmarking) of clinical outcome, processes and costs. These data… more

  • Global Business Management

    Interdisciplinary collaboration in the fields of international sales management, business-to-business (B2B) marketing and intercultural management / global human resource management is being developed. This entails devising methods and concepts for analysis, planning and control of global business activities. The establishment of the “Cross-Cultural Management and Emerging Markets Centre”… more

  • Logistikum - Logistics and Business Networks

    The Logistikum in Steyr is the research and education institution at FH OÖ in the field of “logistics and mobility” and is simultaneously the largest research and education unit for logistics in Austria. The high integration of research and education is the driver of an innovation cycle between research results and business requirements. The credo is accordingly to work not for but… more

  • Production and Operations Management

    This research focus is on the more efficient design of production processes. Specifically, possibilities for inventory reduction, cycle time reduction and increase in delivery reliability are developed. In the field of production planning and control, researchers examine, evaluate and compare different existing systems and newly developed concepts. Self-developed simulation models offer the possibility… more

  • Automated Control Engineering and Simulation

    This specialization aims to develop practice-oriented automation solutions for complex key technologies. Topics from the fields of automation of safety-critical or distributed real-time systems, as well as environmental and ecological tasks in power plants, buildings and production plants, but also other complex processes such as transport and logistics are handled. The modeling of mechatronic systems… more

  • Energy and the Environment

    This R & D focus encompasses the combination of eco-energy and environmental technology topics in the research fields solar energy / hydrogen, building optimization / solar mobility as well as waste gas, waste air and wastewater treatment. All projects focus on the ethical handling of the world’s resources. The projects range from basic research to the optimization of operations in application… more

  • Food Technology and Biotechnology

    This interdisciplinary research focus is an area in which more than 10 scientific staff members and professors of the courses of studies in bio- and environmental technology, process engineering production as well as plant construction work. An excellent infrastructure with analytics equipment, pilot plants, simulation tools and even an own experimental and training brewery is available in approx.15… more

  • Innovations and Technology Management

    The focus of this interdisciplinary R & D theme, at the centre of which is the Research and Transfer Center "Systematic Product Innovation Tansfercenter", focuses on the further development and application of methods and tools for the performance improvement of the early phases of innovation. This focus is based on the fact that the activities at the "Front End of Innovation" have… more

  • Materials and Production Engineering

    At the center of this focus is the optimized and material-specific processing of polymer materials and metals. Extrusion technology, injection molding and thermoforming are the focus of the research activities in plastics technology, with a special focus on the tribological and rheological interactions in plastic processing systems and tools. The improvement of the properties of tool steels and modern… more

  • Measuring and Testing Technolgy

    The focus of this R & D focus is on non-destructive testing (NDT) of materials and components. The procedures, 3D X-ray computed tomography (CT) ′and′ Active thermography have a central position. Non-destructive testing Using CT, you can record the inner life of 3D structures (metals, plastics, etc.) without damage and characterize materials in 3D. Two modern computer tomographs… more