(L)earning by Doing – »Blockchainifying« Life-long Volunteer Engagement

Publication, 2020


E. Kapsamer, B. Pröll, W. Retschitzegger, W. Schwinger, M. Weißenbek, J. Schönböck, J. Altmann - (L)earning by Doing – »Blockchainifying« Life-long Volunteer Engagement - Proceedings of 22nd International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, Prag, Czech Republic, 2020


Volunteering is a vital cornerstone of our society, ranging from social care to disaster relief, being supported by a plethora of web-based volunteer management systems (VMS). These VMS primarily focus on centralized task management within non-profit organizations (NPOs), lacking means for volunteers to privately digitize and exploit their engagement assets, e.g., task accomplishments or earned competences. This may decrease engagement, since appreciation of volunteer work is the only reward available, and hinders the exploitation of engagement assets between NPOs and beyond, e.g., the education or labor market. We put volunteers in the middle of concern by investigating “how can engagement be digitized and exploited in a life-long way”. First, based on a systematic identification of requirements for trustful digitization and exploitation of engagement assets, a web-based volunteer ecosystem relying on emerging blockchain technology is proposed. Second, for representing various kinds of engagement assets, a generic and adaptable ontology is put forward. Third, for establishing trust across all stakeholders, a prototypical web application is presented allowing to »blockchainify« life long volunteer engagement. Finally, the prototype applies semantic web technologies to offer a machine-readable form of engagement assets in terms of Linked Data (LD).