Dynamic Program Analysis for Modula-2

Publication, 1991


H. Dobler, G. Huber - Dynamic Program Analysis for Modula-2 - Second International Modula-2 Conference "Modula-2 and Beyound", Loughborough, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1991, pp. 10


This paper presents a tool for the dynamic analysis of Modula-2 programs. The tool provides coarse (procedure level) and fine-grain (state¬ment and even operator level) dynamic analysis in an efficient and highly machine-independent way by instrumenting selected modules of the Modula-2 source code. The instrumented modules col¬lect the performance data in the running program without affecting its functionality and with little overhead in time and space. The tool is implemented on an Apple Macintosh computer and provides an inter¬active browser with a user-friendly graphical interface to inspect the results.