BIM - ban or boon?

Publication, 2018


H. C. Leindecker, D. Kugfarth - BIM - ban or boon? - Science.Research.Pannonia 2018, Pinkafeld, Austria, 2018, pp. 29-36


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the most promising and highly discussed topics in the modern construction industry. In the context of digitalization, the exchange of information in the planning, execution and management phase of a building should be facilitated. A great potential for Building Information Modeling is seen in life-cycle oriented construction in order to obtain economically truly sustainable and quality-assured buildings. Recently, the critical voices which report from some major problems in the practical application piling up. In this context, the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria has been tested and evalu-ated different BIM interfaces, which transfer geometrical, energetic and ecological data of buildings between architecture and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) programs. Various bachelor and master theses dealing with this highly extensive topic have been created. As an example, the experiences and problems of two BIM interfaces are getting explained in detail. The first thesis examined a special BIM interface, which allows the transfer of building information from an architecture program (ArchiCAD, Graphisoft) to a building physics software (ArchiPHYSIK, A-Null). With the transferred data, the energy certificate for buildings has been calculated and compared with an established energy certificate software (Kugfarth, 2018). Another thesis dealt with Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for buildings based on an existing BIM model. In order to increase the efficiency and quality of such calculations, various options and configurations to connect both technologies have been explored and evaluated.