Staff/HR development at Austrian universities

Publication, 2015


E. Gornik, A. Steiger - Staff/HR development at Austrian universities - Staff and Organisational Development - P-OE, 2015, pp. 39-43


The members of AUCEN, the Austrian counterpart to the UniNetzPE, already have many years of experience in networking in the field of staff/human resourses (HR) development. Basic principles of HR development are defined and described in guiding principles. For almost 20 years, AUCEN has been committed to the professional exchange and the Networking of HR developers. Through the commitment and introduction of topics by experts from Austrian universities, AUCEN has developed into the most important platform for university personnel/HR development. Elke Gornik and Anna Steiger avoid in their contribution to leave "the academic ivory tower". This is necessary to identify current trends in the field of staff/HR development (or personnel management) in other working environments and to examine their applicability at universities as well as to examine the quality of staff/HR development with regard to sustainability and impact orientation.