Transforming Geodata for Immersive Visualisation

Publication, 2015


M. Wiedemann, C. Anthes, H. Bunge, B. Schuberth, D. Kranzlmüller - Transforming Geodata for Immersive Visualisation - 2015 IEEE 11th International Conference on e-Science , München, Germany, 2015, pp. 249-254


In this work we describe the steps required to render scientific data for real-time immersive displays. First, the input data needs to be taken into account for further processing. As a second step, the data needs to be reduced without losing significant information in order to enable real-time interaction. Therefore, we describe different reduction techniques and discuss advantages and disadvantages of those. As a third step, the data is integrated in a framework that is able to render the information on different display technologies. We elaborate the general workflow on a geoscientific dataset that illustrates the temperature distribution of the Earth's mantle.