Towards Tangible Work Modeling

Publication, 2006


S. Oppl, C. Stary, A. Auinger - Towards Tangible Work Modeling - Proceedings Human & Computer 2006, Gelsenkirchen, Germany, 2006, pp. 6


Digital Montessori-inspired Manipulatives (MiMs) so far have been used effectively for knowledge transfer in elementary educational settings. For work modeling and task-based interactive systems design, we propose a modeling concept and usage scenario that should help to increase effectiveness in organization and technology development. The Tangible Task Modeling Demonstrator (TTMD) facili-tates the representation and development of work and task models by means of MiMs. Using the TTMD users can directly grasp and manipulate work tasks. As a result, the cognitive load for modeling and (re-)arranging human work can be reduced.