Nanometer Tomography of Cells

Publication, 2018


F. Hauser, S. Mayr, S. Puthukodan, A. Tauscher, T. Klar, J. Jacak - Nanometer Tomography of Cells - Proceedings of the First INTERREG - 6th TERMIS Winterschool 2018, Radstadt, Salzburg, Austria, 2018


Tomography is an imaging method that records multiple slices and reconstructs the overall volume with the given information. Here we present a method for recording multiple 3D direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (dSTORM) images with an axial height of 1 μm. Sequences are stacked together to receive reconstructed images of several micrometers height. The applied algorithms allow a lateral resolution of sub 35 nm and an axial resolution of approximate 90 nm by using optimized buffers.