Managing an NFC Ecosystem

Publication, 2008


G. Madlmayr, J. Langer, J. Scharinger - Managing an NFC Ecosystem - Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Mobile Business 2008 (ICMB 2008), Barcelona, Spain, 2008, pp. 95-101


Whereas several NFC trials are already established around the world, currently there are no mass rolls out yet. This is due to several technical as well as administrative issues that have to be dealt with before rolling out such a system. In this paper we present a holistic view of a Near Field Communication (NFC) Ecosystem with different services like SmartPosters, loyalty, payment and ticketing. Out of experiences made from a trial we show which services are needed in order to manage such an ecosystem and to provide convenience to the user. Further more we discuss functional aspects of such an ecosystem, the parties involved as well as their benefit for participating. Although the technology already given allows a smooth interaction for the consumer, the infrastructure behind the scene is complex and requires the cooperation on different levels to ensure interoperability and a thriving contactless scheme to be deployed.