Understanding the everyday use of head-worn computers

Publication, 2015


A. Vogl, N. Louveton, R. McCall, M. Billinghurst, M. Haller - Understanding the everyday use of head-worn computers - HSI15: 8th International Conference on Human System Interaction, Warsaw, Poland, 2015, pp. 213-219


Early research on head-worn computers (HWCs) has focused on hardware and specific applications. However, there is little research about the everyday usage of head-worn computers in particular aspects such as: context of use, social acceptance across different activities, audiences and interaction techniques. This paper provides insights into the use of head-worn computers by capturing the opinions of novice and expert users through a survey, a three-week diary study, and interviews. The overarching finding is that the context of use is critical, either due to the need to support micro-interactions, or because the interaction paradigm itself should depend on the context of use.