FlexCase: Enhancing Mobile Interaction with a Flexible Sensing and Display Cover

Publication, 2016


C. Rendl, D. Kim, P. Parzer, S. Fanello, M. Zirkl, G. Scheipl, M. Haller, S. Izadi - FlexCase: Enhancing Mobile Interaction with a Flexible Sensing and Display Cover - Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2015), San Jose, United States of America, 2016, pp. 5138-5150


FlexCase is a novel flip cover for smartphones, which brings flexible input and output capabilities to existing mobile phones. It combines an e-paper display with a pressure- and bend-sensitive input sensor to augment the capabilities of a phone. Due to the form factor, FlexCase can be easily transformed into several different configurations, each with different interaction possibilities. Users can use FlexCase to perform a variety of touch, pressure, grip and bend gestures in a natural manner, much like interacting with a sheet of paper. The secondary e-paper display can act as a mechanism for providing user feedback and persisting content from the main display. In this paper, we explore the rich design space of FlexCase and present a number of different interaction techniques. Beyond, we highlight how touch and flex sensing can be combined to support a novel type of gestures, which we call Grip & Bend gestures. We also describe the underlying technology and gesture sensing algorithms. Numerous applications apply the interaction techniques in convincing real-world examples, including enhanced e-paper reading and interaction, a new copy and paste metaphor, high degree of freedom 3D and 2D manipulation, and the ability to transfer content and support input between displays in a natural and flexible manner.