Mindtraining: Playful Interaction Techniques for People with Dementia

Publication, 2016


E. Hackner, M. Lankes - Mindtraining: Playful Interaction Techniques for People with Dementia - Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2016, Vienna, Austria, 2016, pp. 223-228


The paper presents the preliminary studies regarding applicable interaction techniques in the field of tablet games for dementia. Serious games in the dementia context are a well-researched topic. However, there is very little knowledge about performing gestures and interactions on tablet computers by users suffering from dementia. Since they already encounter many restrictions, a touch interface might be another obstacle. Tablet games often require a different kind of interaction, such as single tap, swipe, or drag and drop. We developed the Android application Mindtraining for dementia patients, which integrates multiple interaction techniques. The purpose of the tablet game is to facilitate an intuitive and efficient usage of gestures for people with early- and middle-stage dementia aged over 65 years. In our study we will investigate how people with dementia perform different gestures and how much help they need each time they use the application.