Survey Tool for the Built Environment

Publication, 2016


H. C. Leindecker, D. Mittermaier - Survey Tool for the Built Environment - Expanding Boundaries, Zürich, Switzerland, 2016, pp. 616-621


The growing market share of building automation systems bears huge potentials in terms of energy savings and creates the opportunity to support its users in everyday life. Due to the direct impact on the building’s residents, workforce, etc. the achievements and effectivity are highly dependent on the system user’s satisfaction. The quantification of the rate of satisfaction has to be determined in cooperation with the affected parties, which can prove difficult without the suitable measures. In order to achieve this task, the online survey tool MOFNUG, developed by four Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences, provides novel approaches in terms of measuring the satisfaction of users regarding thermal comfort, indoor air quality, controllability of technology and various other building and user-related fields. Ideally, the questionnaire’s evaluation should be complemented by measurement methods to establish relations between the proponent’s subjective impressions and the variables of the area of interest.