eMOOCs for Personalised Online Learning: A Diversity Perspective

Publication, 2016


T. Jadin, M. Gaisch - eMOOCs for Personalised Online Learning: A Diversity Perspective - Proceedings of the European Stakeholder Summit on experiences and best practices in and around MOOCs (EMOOCS 2016), Graz, Austria, 2016, pp. 69-80


Since the introduction of MOOCs, most scholarly debate has focused on xMOOCs, cMOOCs, and more recently, also on eMOOCs where personalised learning takes cen-tre stage. It is argued that a micro level approach to culture is needed that incorporates diversity aspects that not only include demographic aspects but, more importantly, also takes account of cognitive factors. By adopting a holistic diversity lens, it is sought to benefit from culturally diverse participants and include their otherness as a resource for learning. For these purposes, an innovative didactical design is required, one that foregrounds personalised, student-centred and collaborative learning where the role of the facilitators is clearly defined. In line with previous research in this field, this paper seeks to further elaborate on a didactical concept of enhanced MOOCs (eMOOCs), especially in the light of diversity and trialogical learning aspects.