The Concept of Quattro Modal Freight Hubs

Publication, 2016


G. Hauger, M. Wanjek, C. Berkowitsch, S. Pfoser, O. Schauer, L. Putz, R. Schodl, S. Eitler, M. Prandtstetter, K. Markvica - The Concept of Quattro Modal Freight Hubs - Procedia Engineering, Vol. 161, No. 1, 2016, pp. 2121-2126


Currently, the linkage of the four transportation modes, namely, road, rail, water and air on a quattro-modal freight hub is a low-priority issue with many uncertainties. The Austrian research project “Q4” focuses on this knowledge gap and on both potentials and limits of quattro-modal freight hubs. Therefore, the results of the Austrian research project outline in an exemplary manner the implementation opportunities for a quattro-modal freight hub within the central region of Linz-Wels-Steyr and the metropolitan region of Vienna.