Intelligent luggage storage system for intermodal nodes

Publication, 2015


B. Stadlmann, R. Widmann, M. Egger, H. Graf, S. Fischhofer - Intelligent luggage storage system for intermodal nodes - Proceeding of the 22nd ITS World Congress, Bordeaux, France, 2015, pp. 16


Within the research project Store&Go+ a completely new designed automatic luggage storage system has been developed. This luggage storage system could replace traditional lockers with their disadvantages on railway stations, airports and other nodes of public transport. The key features of the new systems are special boxes with adaptable height and a user friendly terminal (luggage pickup and disposal station) which is appropriate for the great majority of passengers and luggage. The paper presents the mechanical solution for the box and its cover as well as the software solution of the terminal. The software architecture and its main modules are presented. The software was developed and tested using virtual commissioning. Up to now, mechanical components have been designed but not realized.