User satisfaction through building automation

Publication, 2015


H. C. Leindecker, D. Mittermaier, S. Zainer - User satisfaction through building automation - Sustainable Buildings. e-nova Int. Congress, Pinkafeld, Austria, 2015, pp. 255-262


To reach today’s energy efficiency goals building engineers have to focus on the development of intelligent and sustainable buildings. Building automation offers a possibility to adjust heating, cooling or lighting to the demands of the users. Therefore it gene-rates a comfortable environment, although energy is used efficiently just where it is needed. In reality, poor designed automation systems or simply too much automation affects the user contentment with buildings. Due to this effect, this paper adresses on building automation and the related effects on energy efficiency and user compliance of buildings. At the beginning an extensive scientific research on the main topics was done, explaining dif-ferent building automation systems, important parameters for user compliance, technical in-formation on the documentation of energy consumption and regulations by the government or by the European Union. The next step was the creation, optimization and enhancement of a custom questionnaire. At the end, the questionnaire was sent to a test custom building. This research is based on the project MOFNUG („MOdularer Fragebogen für die NUtzerzu-friedenheit in Gebäuden“ - Modular questionnaire for the user satisfaction in buildings) in cooperation with four Universities of Applied Sciences. The goal of MOFNUG is to determine the whole spectrum of user compliance in buildings and to document and analyze the gained data. MOFNUG itself has different work packages, ran-ging from an ordinary scientific research over purchasing of measurement tools to the im-provement and optimization of the questionnaire, which is one of the main topics of the research group at the FH Wels.