Integration of Photovoltaic in Facades

Publication, 2007


H. C. Leindecker, J. Putzhammer - Integration of Photovoltaic in Facades - Technical Report, FH OÖ Fakultät Wels, Austria, 2007, pp. 148


Due to the expected lack of fossil fuels and the climate situation renewable energy sources gain more importance. Among this photovoltaic distinguishes itself as emission free and direct usage of sun power and therefore as very environmentally friendly energy source. To reduce the decrease of undeveloped area a usage of buildings to install Photovoltaic (PV) on them suggests itself. The focus in this assay lays on the integration of photovoltaic in facades. In the course of basic research the different ways how this integration can happen, and the methods that are used today, are shown. This shall give an overview how Photovoltaic is integrated in facades at the moment. Beside this, four different, realized systems of PV integration in facades are described in their function and assembling. Three of the four examples are systems which have the PV on a system of fins that are part of the façade. In a further part the system of horizontally fins and how they drop their shadow on the fin underneath is analyzed. This shows how expended PV can be installed on the fins. And it is also examined how the fins draw their shadow on the building. Moreover it is analyzed how this behavior changes, if the attributes of the fins are changed, and if the positioning and orientation of the building is changed.