Direct Metal Laser Melting for Forming Tools

Publication, 2013


A. Huskic, J. Giedenbacher, U. Pschebezin, N. Wild, Z. Simicevic - Direct Metal Laser Melting for Forming Tools - XXX. Colloquium on metal forming , Planneralm, Austria, 2013, pp. 23-28


The use of selective laser melting (SLS) is becoming more and more widespread in toolmaking. One of the main advantages of this method is the production of complex geometry. The use of injection molds and mold inserts with complex conformal cooling and temperature control channels produced by SLS is already leading to increased productivity and improved component quality. A further application area is in the production of forming tools. At the UAS School of Engineering in Wels a new lubrication concept for complex deep-drawing dies is being investigated. Producing molds using the SLS method enables the integration of a lubrication system which allows direct lubrication of the most highly stressed areas. Moreover, possibilities of increasing the wear resistance of forging tools by means of appropriate combinations of materials and reduction of thermal stress using conformal cooling channels are being investigated. The advantage of conformal cooling can also be used in press hardening tools.