Publication, 2013


H. C. Leindecker - Bio-Solar-House - Proceedings of e-nova 2013, Pinkafeld, Austria, 2013, pp. 431-436


The “Bio-Solar-House” was developed by Klaus Becher. With Hubert Becher he realized the first type in 1994 at St. Alban, Germany. Since then hundreds of satisfied customers and some prizes for this concept are reported. This paper focuses on a technical audit of the building conception of the “Bio-Solar-House”. The main points of the audit are the inspection of heat and humidity protection, energy efficiency, overheating of the building, building biology and indoor air quality. In the execution of the project, work packages were defined. Measurements in existing objects were done and some considerations regarding a monitoring-system followed. The main contents of the work were simulations with TRNSYS, FLUENT and WUFI. The targets of the CFD-simulation (computed fluid dynamics simulation) were to obtain information about temperature and velocities in the air gap of the wall, the plenum of the winter garden and the attic. For this, different cases in winter, summer and a transition period were defined, calculated and analysed. To acquire information about solar protection systems and vent areas in the building, different cases, based on the summer case, were simulated.