Comparison software energy performance certificate 2007-2011

Publication, 2013


H. C. Leindecker, H. Astecker - Comparison software energy performance certificate 2007-2011 - Proceedings of e-nova 2013, Pinkafeld, Austria, 2013, pp. 23-30


This work contains the comparison of different commercial software products for the energy performance certificate. All programs are based on the same standards and guidelines, which are also validated, so it is necessary to accept for the same input data to achieve the same results. Since this was different in some cases, especially for more complex HVAC and solar systems, the task was to find the problem and solve it. Another important point of this work is to compare the programs with the “Energy Certificate Plus” which was developed by five Austrian universities of applied sciences and six business partners. This program looks at the life cycle costs of a building and the basis is also the energy performance certificate, which is still calculated of OIB Guideline 6-2007. The aim was to check whether an adaptation according to OIB guideline 6-2011 is possible and to adapt with a little extra effort into the LQG tool.