Framework for sustainable oriented technology development

Publication, 2012


K. Gaubinger, F. Schweitzer, R. Zweimüller - Framework for sustainable oriented technology development - Proceedings of the 7th International Scientific Conference “Business and Management 2012”, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012, pp. 9


This paper shows that companies can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of development activities by using process models that integrate sustainable orientation during all phases of technology development projects. An explorative research design was chosen to first define successful process structures and appropriate management tools for technology management, followed by a quantitative pilot study to identify key success factors for technology development projects with a particular focus on sustainable aspects. These data and the theoretical insights form the basis for the conception of a sustainable-oriented technology development framework, which demonstrates how a technology development process should be typically structured and how management tools should be adapted in the particular process steps to enhance sustainable orientation of the technology development activities.