Publication, 2012


T. Wallner, A. Prauhart - PALESTINE: IN STATU INNOVANDI - Proceedings of the 7th International Scientific Conference “Business and Management 2012”, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012, pp. 791-799


Rebuilding Palestine as a nation is regarded one of the world’s most difficult state building processes. It has to be supported by sound economic development. Innovation is a key factor for economic progress and competitive growth. The authors explore how the development of the innovative capacity of Palestine can be fostered and supported, and suggest a specific concept of an innovation ecosystem as a useful framework for a systematic approach and strategy formulation. Based on extensive field interviews with innovation actors, the authors outline a future innovation ecosystem for Palestine, which can contribute to the Palestinian economic strategies. The submission offers an alternative view on how the economic progress of a developing country in general and the Palestinian Territories in particular can be advanced.