High Performance Work Systems and Productive Ageing

Publication, 2012


T. Wallner, M. Menrad - High Performance Work Systems and Productive Ageing - Proceedings of the 7th International Scientific Conference “Business and Management 2012”, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012, pp. 1253-1260


Manufacturing companies face multiple challenges when maintaining production sites in western high wage countries. High Road to Innovation approaches in general and High Performance Work Systems (HPWSs) in particular are considered to have great potential to generate sufficient competitive advantage to keep manufacturing domestic. Another challenge in many European countries is an ageing workforce, which raises specific issues at the company level. During a research project in two major Austrian companies we investigate the applicability and effects of HPWSs when dealing with issues of Productive Ageing. In this contribution we present preliminary findings discussing the theoretical approach and early empirical findings of an exploratory nature.