Gulliver - A Framework for Building Smart Speech-Based Applications

Publication, 2007


W. Kurschl, S. Mitsch, R. Prokop, J. Schönböck - Gulliver - A Framework for Building Smart Speech-Based Applications - Proceedings of 40th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-40), Big Island of Hawaii, USA, United States of America, 2007, pp. 9


Speech recognition has matured over the past years to yield acceptable recognition rates. From an application perspective we observed, that speech input is rarely used in mobile application scenario, even it would allow a more flexible use of these devices. This stems partly from the fact, that programming speech enabled applications is tedious, because there is hardly any framework and tool support This paper describes a component-based framework that supports the development of multimodal applications on heterogeneous devices ranging from laptop PCs to mobile phones. It especially focuses on distributable components that allow speech recognition on any device. Therefore, we split the process of recognizing speech in small steps that can be distributed flexibly depending on a device’s capabilities.