Electronic Platform for Small Robots in Education

Publication, 2011


M. Zauner, R. Edlinger, W. Rokitansky - Electronic Platform for Small Robots in Education - 2nd International Conference on Robotics in Education, Vienna, Austria, 2011, pp. 125-128


Robotics is a scientific discipline which needs a high level knowledge in the fields of computer science, as well as electrical and mechanical engineering and high-performance modular control systems. This paper reports the first results of a project that uses a previously developed very small Electronic Platform (Miniboard) for small and simple autonomous mobile robots. This board is used in the education program with bachelor students in their third and fourth semester. It should help them to build robots, like Sumos or Line Followers, so they can get first experiences in robotic. We demonstrate the robustness of this approach in controlling indoor mobile robots for the RobotChallenge in Vienna.