Demonstrator für hochratige RFID- und NFC-Systeme

Publication, 2009


M. Roland - Demonstrator für hochratige RFID- und NFC-Systeme - Master/Diploma Thesis, FH OÖ Fakultät Hagenberg, Austria, 2009, pp. 96


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near Field Communication) are wireless data transmission technologies. They are used for the communication with smart cards and mobile devices. Smart cards, NFC devices and their applications are subject to continuous development. The improvement of these technologies and the development of new applications reach a limit defined by the low transmission speed of the currently standardized RFID technology. Current RFID systems have a maximum data rate of 848 kbps. The FIT-IT research project VHD (Very High Datarate) – High Speed Air-Interface and IC Architecture for Contactless Smartcards and NFC – is devoted to eliminating this restraining factor by implementing higher data rates for RFID and NFC systems. This diploma thesis deals with the development of a «demonstrator» platform, that demonstrates the data transmission with a data rate of up to 6.78 Mbps. Based on an analysis of current concepts and prototypes, new demonstrator hardware is built. A whole data transmission link is implemented on top of this hardware: A PC (personal computer) writes data through a wire-based interface onto a transponder («chip card»). This transponder transmits the data across the wireless VHD interface to another PC. The wireless link defines the requirements for an appropriate communication protocol. These requirements are summarized and are, then, used to implement that protocol. Finally, a sample application scenario proves the operability of the demonstrator system. This application scenario demonstrates the transmission of a digital photo across the VHD link.