Concept and realisation of mobile and autonomous robots

Publication, 2007


R. Edlinger - Concept and realisation of mobile and autonomous robots - Master/Diploma Thesis, FH OÖ Fakultät Wels, Austria, 2007, pp. 134


Nowadays robotics is a detailed term and the importance of modern robots has become more and more popular in industry. Robotics is a topic that strikes the imagination of humanity worldwide and today, robots are much more than legends as in the oldest legends of Greek and Hebrew myth, but the technology is still in its infancy. Robotics is a scientic discipline which includes the operation and evolution of robots and other elds of computer science (in particular the Articial Intelligence), as well as electrical and mechanical engineering. Robotics has gained importance nowadays particularly in the elds of medicine, disaster operation, automatic control, etc. This thesis is concerned with the design and assembly of a mobile and autonomous robot for the EUROBOT OPEN 2007.