RoboCup Rescue 2009 - Robot League Team

Publication, 2009


R. Edlinger, A. Poelzleithner, W. Rokitansky, M. Zauner, B. Fahringer, J. Hieslmair, T. Fink, T. Hatheier, H. Kneidinger - RoboCup Rescue 2009 - Robot League Team - Technical Report, FH OÖ Fakultät Wels, Austria, 2009, pp. 14


This paper describes the work of the RoboRescueTeam FH-Wels developing and building an autonomous rescue robot. The team consists of research associates and students at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria. This paper includes the preliminary results which are achieved so far about map building, localization and autonomous victim identification. Furthermore the implementation of 2D Laser Range Finder (LRF) and a novel mechanism with a dynamic drive system for locomotion is described. Additionally the construction of a modular robotic arm is introduced. A thermo camera and several other sensors are attached at the very end of this robotic arm which are used for victim detection.