Oct 2011 - Dec 2014
Receptor proteins on the surface of human cells play a key role in the transmission of signals from the environment into the interior of the cell. A complex network of these proteins controls all cellular processes. The receptors themselves are activated and deactivated via different messengers and drugs: many medically relevant drugs bind to receptors and thus bring about certain changes in individual cells and, in further consequence, in organs or the entire organism. However, a group of drugs that are already long known in their molecular mode of action, but are explored only in little extent, are secondary plant substances.

The automatic extraction of relevant structures from different pictures is a challenge not only, but also in this research context. Applications for this particular task are not only found in medicine and biology (for example, in the automatic recognition of cells in human tissue), but also in physics (e.g., in the analysis of metals).

In this project the effect of secondary plant substances is to be analyzed for medically relevant surface molecules of human cells by means of a novel biophysical measurement method. Bioinformatic algorithms to quantify the recorded data will be developed and established in the scientific community. The aim of this project is beyond the implementation of a freely available, powerful frameworks for the detection of structures microscopy images. The image processing and analysis steps used should be configurable and combinable, the optimization of the parameters and the sequence of the algorithms used here shall (if desired) be run automatically without any user interaction.

Research program

UA Basic Promotion

This project ist co-financed by research subsidies granted by the government of Upper Austria. 
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