AIR - Advanced Interface Research


Jul 2010 - Jun 2013

The goal of the project AIR (Advanced Interface Research) is to explore new ways of interaction with interactive systems in real-world scenarios, looking into the very specifics of the interaction contexts in these scenarios. Current and emerging interaction techniques are investigated in order to enhance the usability, user experience, accessibility, and the overall quality of products and delivered services. User-driven innovation approaches are developed and defined to reach these goals.

The partners methodologically analyze the contexts of interactions, based on which new ways of interaction approaches will be examined, designed, prototyped and evaluated through heavy user involvement. Three main contexts in which end users interact with technology are investigated in detail: (i) context home and extended home, (ii) context mobility, and (iii) context advanced service interactions. In order to reach these goals, tools for intelligent context measurement and a modular management platform for Living Lab research will be investigated and developed.

The Mobile Computing department at the campus Hagenberg is mainly involved in the mobility context, in which the possibilities and potentials of existing and upcoming mobile technologies and platforms for interaction will be investigated. Special emphasis in this area will be on automated usability evaluation of mobile applications.

Research program


Das Projekt wird im Programm COMET - Competent Centers for Excellence Technologies durch das BMWFW sowie das BMVIT gefördert.

C. Holzmann, A. Riegler, D. Steiner, C. Grossauer - An Android Toolkit for Supporting Field Studies on Mobile Devices - Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM 2017), Stuttgart, Germany, 2017 more