The Mnemosyne project is conceived to design an online-based platform for individuals with dementia syndrome, their relatives and carers. This platform will provide remote support, guidance services, informational applications for families, groups of risk and individuals with early cases of dementia, tools for monitoring and cognitive stimulation of the patients and a communication point for and between the patientsÕ relatives and between relatives and professional health services.

The projectÕs main objective is to design an efficient and innovative system to increase the quality of life for families, patients and carers and to complement the services provided by health institutions and professional carers.

Therefore, the Mnemosyne consortium will develop a field study on the use of new information and communication technologies and carry out a pilot test to evaluate the viability of using online-based health.

Finally the consortium will produce a comprehensive white paper on policy recommendations to be used as a guideline by health administrations.

Research program

EU Innovation4Welfare

Das Projekt wird im Rahmen des INTERREG IVC-Programmes "Innovation 4 Welfare" aus Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für Regionalentwickung (EFRE) gefördert.