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Feb 2010 - Jul 2010

New integrated concepts for modern railway stations provide multifunctional benefits for service providers, retailers and final customers. The project “Store&Go” shall design and develop an innovative system for easy and automatic storage of traveler’s luggage at railway stations and other hot spots of public transport. This, to utilize unused free space in railway stations, to increase safety and comfort for travelers and to increase the attraction of public transport in general.

New generation railway stations will be multifunctional shopping centers not only used for travelling but also for shopping and daily supply. Under this perspective handling of luggage and travel bags tends to be stressful and uncomfortable – especially for elder or disabled people. To overcome this weakness new technologies and services shall help to increase the acceptance of public transport in addition to a better and flexible utilization of unused space in railway stations. The new service concept “Store&Go” model shall help to attract new customers for all kind of local transfer as well as for long distance travel.

The vision of the “Store&Go” concept is an easy possibility to deposit luggage or any other kind of bags or packages at railway stations or any other location of high passenger frequency. Travelers, who are released from heavy weight and bulky handling of their luggage, could be easily attracted by local shops, restaurants or other retail services as the degree of travel comfort will raise rapidly. Additionally the restrictions for disabled persons will decrease, too. After relaxed shopping the future travelers shall be able to retrieve his luggage in very short response time with an electronic key card like the exit and cash process in public car parks. (= modern replacement of existing central locker boxes). The project “Store&Go” shall analyze the technical and economic feasibility for real implementation cases and how the luggage can be stored in a cube optimized way. Furthermore the technical and economic demands for installations in smaller railway stations shall be collected and described, too. Accordingly the project “Store&Go” consists of three main topics:

1) Requirement analysis of future system users (e.g. travelers, lessees of local shops and the railway station operators) including the development of requirement profiles.

2) Technical Proof: Analysis of the technical feasibility and definition of possible service levels and factors of comfort. The technical evaluation shall minimize the implementation risk.

3) Commercial Proof: An economic proof and commercial analysis shall identify benefits for all potential users in perspectives of national economics, business economics and individual improvements as well as the calculation of investments needed and their profitability.

Research program

FFG IV2Splus

Das Projekt wird im Programm I2V - Intelligente Verkehrssysteme und Services plus durch das Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie gefördert.