Jun 2008 - Jun 2010
EWITA, funded in the Marco Polo II programme of the European Commission, is a follow-up on eWIT (Web-based Intermodal Inland Waterway Transport Training for Europe), whose main results were a European Concept for intermodal IWT training in Europe and INeS, the Inland Navigation eLearning System ( for the Danube region based on the Concept.

Within EWITA, the European Concept will be substantially updated and extended with respect to learning levels, content, tools and languages. It will be implemented for two corridors:
• for the Danube corridor
• for the Rhine-Maas-Schelde corridor

Both platforms will be available in several languages (e.g. English, German, Dutch or Romanian). A European content repository will be designed to facilitate update and synchronisation,enabling a smooth administration of the common learning objects. Innovations of EWITA will also include a target group-oriented access, the design of learning groups for specific target users of the platforms, additional multimedia elements and modern learning technologies (e.g.
animations, interactive elements, streaming video and sound). Potential users of EWITA will be involved in the project right from the start. Members of an Industrial and of an Educational User Forum will give their feedback on the relevance of the content for the target groups and guarantee a proper testing of the two INeS platforms in terms of
their learnability. They have already stressed their commitment to use the platforms after their finalisation and to help disseminate and promote the results of the project on the European transport logistics market. The target groups of INeS are on the one hand educational institutions, educators in the logistics sector and inland waterway training centers, on the other hand practitioners like inland navigation companies, forwarding companies, the manufacturing industry and port operators.

Research program

EU Marco Polo II

Das Projekt wurde im Programm Marco Polo II durch die Europäische Union gefördert.